Cemetery Headstones- Keeping Alive the Memories of the Departed

A person collects a lot of memories throughout his life and leaves them behind with his or her loved one when he leaves this world. It is the duty of the loved ones to preserve the memories of the departed soul. Cemetery Headstones are a very good way to keep remembering the name of the dead.

Whenever a dead body is buried in a cemetery, some sort of a marker, generally cemetery headstones are placed on the top of the grave in order to identify who is buried there. The cemetery headstones generally contain the name of the person, who has died, the dates of the birth and death of the person. There are plenty of materials and different choices for headstones. Though, over the years the choice has changed from hand carved marble and sandstone to granite and now granite is the most preferred material.

Cemetery Headstones

The major advantage of granite is that it is highly resistant to weather as it can be sculpted and carved into life like angels, cherubs, heart flowers and almost any shape imagination will permit. Engraving is often available in a variety of typefaces and styles. Monument headstones come in many different shapes and styles, ranging from more traditional rectangles to elaborate sculptures. Apart from granite, bronze headstones are also a good option. These markers have an elegant and sophisticated appeal. It is also very easy to cast amazing designs, symbols and lettering on these gravestones. The combination of bronze headstone with granite base are available as well. Just like granite, bronze headstones are long lasting and easy to maintain as well but they are expensive as compared to granite.

There are a large variety of colors available in the granite and they are available in many unique designs. Granite can also be etched, sandblasted and polished with beautiful results.


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